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Manufacturer : Dragon Pharma

Product Pack : 10 mL vial (250 mg/mL)

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Testosterone Cypionate or Cypionat from Dragon Pharma is an anabolic steroid that is based on the natural testosterone that is produced in the body. Developed in 1951 and prescribed for muscular atrophy and low bone density. 

Cypionat 250 has been known to increase mass and strength amongst users. Users have also reported having longer endurance for workouts. As well as promoting spermatogenesis which increases sexual desire. 

How to use Cypionat 250
A dosage of 250mg - 1500mg is the recommended dose per week. Increases beyond that may cause acne, heart problems, gynecomastia and high blood pressure.

Cypionat 250 Stacks
The dosage should be increased incrementally over the period of the cycle (usually 8-10 weeks). Since Cypionat 250 increases the testosterone in the body users can usually expect to use anti-oestrogens to ward off the effects of aromatization (gynecomastia) such as Nolvadex.

In the final weeks of the cycle, users can expect testosterone production in the body to plummet. To combat this, it is recommended to use Tamoxifen (10mg everyday for two weeks after the final injection)

Cypionat 250 Stacks
Cypionat 250 can be combined with other anabolics to build more defined muscles anabolics such as Deca 300. To build more mass Parabolan, Dianabol or Winstrol can help.
If you are new to using steroids It is recommended to consult a doctor before starting a stack of steroids since it can be stressful for the body.